CB Flawless Essential Brush Set
CB Flawless Essential Brush Set
CB Flawless Essential Brush Set
CB Flawless Essential Brush Set

CB Flawless Essential Brush Set

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8 ‘Beginner Friendly’ CB Brushes

A Queen will always recognize the need to upgrade and enhance their skills, even if it's just by a little bit each day. That's why this new CB Flawless Essential Makeup Brush Set is beginner-friendly & on standby to graduate you to the next level !

CB 2  Large Dense Foundation Brush  

Our Newest & Largest Foundation Brush will easily blend your liquid and cream products, achieving perfect flawless coverage in no time at all.

CB 4 - Large Powder Brush 

This super soft brush gives you an undeniable feel or pure luxury, whilst evenly applying and blending all powders across your skin with ease. 

CB 5  Precision Powder Brush

This versatile brush is a verified makeup artist favorite and offers impressive control over where you place your products.

CB 7 – *NEW* Large Eyeshadow Brush

Whether you’re a beginner that struggles with eyeshadow blending or a Pro who loves creating simple glam eye looks - this brush will certainly be your favorite!

CB 10  Duo Brush: Flat Shadow & Angled Brush (2 brushes placed on 1 handle)

Our 1st brush ever is STILL a top fav! This multipurpose tool contains a dense oval brush on one side and flat angled brush on the other!

CB 15 / PRO – *NEW* Duo Blending Concealer Brush (2 brushes placed on 1 handle)

The ultimate double-ended blending brush that’s a lover of both cream & liquid concealers!

…Comes in a FREE Ziplock Pouch worth 25ghc and a reusable cute Non-woven branded bag!

PLEASE NOTE: Our CB4 brush is currently in stock However if it sells out - we replace it with our super soft CB21 Precise Powder Brush