What is the CB
Beauty Initiative? 

The CB Beauty Initiative was born out of the desire to support and empower rising makeup students, through strategic partnerships with accredited and established makeup teachers.  
Both Colorbox Cosmetics and Makeup Ghana understand the importance and the impact of 'Giving Back' within our beauty community. We believe this initiative will not only help attract new talent, but also shine a positive light on the best beauty educators in Ghana!

The initiative works by offering makeup students Exclusive Discounts and Benefits, through unique discounts codes given to teachers, who are accredited or verified by us & Makeup Ghana.

So, ARE YOU a passionate Makeup Teacher who would like to sign up to this exciting initiative? 

If the answer is YES... CLICK HERE to apply for fast verification (if you are accredited, you get automatic acceptance!


We are excited for the future, and look forward to growing our industry with you!
Please Note: The unique codes given to teachers will be subject to annual renewal, and will be accepted by both the educators and students across all our ordering platforms.