CB Signature Face & Eye Brush Set
CB Signature Face & Eye Brush Set
CB Signature Face & Eye Brush Set
CB Signature Face & Eye Brush Set
CB Signature Face & Eye Brush Set
CB Signature Face & Eye Brush Set

CB Signature Face & Eye Brush Set

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14 Colorbox ‘High Performance’ Makeup Brushes 

Staying flawless is an art, and with the right set of brushes, you can achieve this with ease! The CB Signature Face & Eye Brush Set is perfect for the woman who loves makeup and recognizes top-notch quality and real value! 

CB 1 - Flat Top Foundation Brush 

Your #1 High Quality Foundation Brush that applies liquids and creams both quickly and flawlessly with minimal effort!

CB 3Deluxe Buffing Brush  

Create the ultimate natural airbrushed ‘second skin’ finish with this multi-purpose face brush, that loves liquids, creams and powders all equally.

CB 4  Large Powder Brush

This super soft brush gives you an undeniable feel of pure luxury, whilst evenly applying and blending all powders across your face.

CB 5  Precision Powder Brush

This versatile brush is a verified makeup artist favorite and offers impressive control over where you place your products.

CB 7 – *NEW* Large Eyeshadow Brush

Whether you’re a beginner that struggles with eyeshadow blending or a Pro who loves creating simple glam eye looks - this brush will certainly be your favorite!

CB 8 - *NEW* Crease Blending Brush

Expert blending made super easy! This soft tapered brush will perfectly blend eyeshadows along your crease & ensure there are no harsh lines where any two colors meet.

CB 9 – *NEW* Fluffy Shadow Brush

This is your must-have fluffy flat eyeshadow brush, as it always offers great control whilst packing and blending eyeshadows across the lid beautifully.

CB 10  Duo Brush: Flat Shadow & Angled Brush (2 brushes on 1 handle)

Our 1st brush ever is STILL a top fav! This multipurpose tool contains a dense oval brush on one side and flat angled brush on the other!

CB 11 Small Fluffy Eye Brush

The shape of this petite tool & its soft hairs make it ideal for adding definition whilst blending eyeshadows in the outer corner of your lids.

CB 15 / PRO – *NEW* Duo Blending Concealer Brush (2 brushes on 1 handle)

The ultimate double-ended blending brush that’s a lover of both cream & liquid concealers!

CB 17/ PRO- Deluxe Highlight Brush

Hand-made with the finest synthetic hairs, the tapered brush isbthe perfect shape and size for applying your favourite highlighters anywhere you want to glow!

CB 16 / PRO – *NEW* Sculpting Contour Brush

This full yet softly angled brush fits effortlessly into the curves of your face, making it perfect for sculpting your cheeks, jawline and forehead with a seamless contoured finish.

Branded Big Mama Blender 2.0 -  Our high-quality latex-free sponges are uniquely made with a flat side, to give you extra control when blending and baking products for longer-lasting makeup!


.....This Brush set comes with a FREE Ziplock bag (worth 25ghc) and in our ICONIC Black Box

PLEASE NOTE: Please refer to the Brush Set Guide to see all the soft CB brushes you will receive in your box! #StayFlawless