About Us

Colorbox Cosmetics is an affordable luxury beauty brand committed to serving and celebrating all women. Founded and led by Stephanie Adu, the brand was born in 2014 and created out of her bold obsessive desire to create a brand where women from diverse backgrounds could access and afford superior quality products.


Our brand vision has and always be to inspire every woman - no matter where they are on their makeup journey. Women should be encouraged to feel confident within themselves, with an emphasis of enhancing the features they love, instead of hiding what they might not be fond of.


Every product we offer is hand-picked after in-depth on the ground research, ensuring they are exactly catered to helping the women we serve! In 2019, Colorbox Cosmetics won the ‘Best Product’ category in the annual Makeup Ghana Awards with their best-selling Melanin Glow highlighter - an inclusive product that offers a range of loose pigments suited to all shades of melanin.

This September, Colorbox Cosmetics launched the CB Evolution, an interactive beauty tool range that features color-coded makeup brushes, makeup accessories, an innovative two-in-one lash glue and eyeliner pen! The colors on each brush handle indicate the function of the brush, which supports our customers with understanding what to use and how to apply their makeup.

“We are truly a brand that grows with you. This is not just about the product, it's about women evolving their makeup process into one that is fun, empowering and simple. We want women to grow at all levels in their artistry and have access to affordable high-quality beauty products” - Stephanie Adu.

Colorbox are passionate about promoting a message of women empowerment whilst serving to help continue to change the narrative of what quality looks like when linked with and/or coming from Africa.  But most importantly, as women evolve through their beauty journey, we as a brand are here to assist and empower modern women to know that THEY are the new beauty standard